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Write a Book, Build a Brand eBook

Writing your own book creates the structure and means to turn your expertise into profit. 

Imagine being approached for lucrative opportunities such as speaking or consulting–allowing you to cut back on your hours from your 9-5 and have a better work-life balance. Or maybe have income that comes in the form of royalties, speaking, or consulting that surpasses the income you make at your regular job. What would you do then? 

Take a look at what writing a book can do for you…

  • Instantly positions yourself as the #1 expert in your market...
  • Allows you to charge higher fees (without scaring away prospects)... 
  • Enables you to convert sales calls with ease (they’ll be just a formality now)...
  • Gets you press coverage on radio, podcasts, TV interviews and more...
  • Works as an amazing lead generator to build your email list...
  • Brings in tons of free referrals when people start talking about your book to friends and colleagues..

Who This Book is For

  • If you love what you do and want to share it with others…
  • If you know how valuable you are, and how much your expertise can help others…
  • If you want to branch out and do something other than clinical work…
  • If you want to get hired by people who respect your opinion and advice…
  • If you want to get paid more doing something you love…

...then you are ready to write a book to build your brand. 

Purchase Write a Book, Build a Brand to learn the complete method of building your brand, scaling your business, and profiting from a single book today! 

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This module covers the tech stack we use at Studio 8 Twenty-Two to build out our offers. 

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