Are you ready to make moves in your nursing career?

ReNursing Edu is how it starts. 

We help nurses advance their careers to become NPs, business owners, or even switch careers.

Here you'll find all the ReNursing Edu courses, digital downloads and templates to help you with your professional goals. 

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ReNursing Edu Resource Library

The ReNursing Edu Resource Library! 

Here you'll find tools and resources to help you make moves in your career (career-change or starting your own business). 

Freelance Writing 101: Write Your Way to Your First 1k

Have you ever wanted to become a writer? This course is for nurses who want to learn how to write, make money, and gain freedom from working at the bedside. 

You don't have to have any formal training to take this course other than knowing how the command the English language and good grammar skills. 

Medical Ghostwriting for Nurses

Have you ever wondered how some writers are able to make 6-figures a year? I'll tell you how–the specialty. 

One of the highest-paid specialities in writing is ghostwriting–or writing without a byline. 

In this course, I'll introduce you to the world of ghostwriting, one of the most lucrative writing specialities there is. 

Writer's Website Workshop

Learn how to create your writer's website on the Showit platform over the course of a day (or weekend max!) to jumpstart your writing career. 

Writer's Website Showit Template

This is the Showit template created during the Writer's Website Workshop. Cut out steps to quickly get your writer's website up and running! 

Plain Jane Sales Page Template Kit

She might be named Plain Jane, but this sales page template is versatile AF! Includes sales page, landing page, and two (2) webinar registration pages. 

Lauryn James Website Template

Hey, ! 

Need an easy-to-customize Showit website template for your business? Check out Lauryn James! 

Freebie Showit Landing Page

Use this FREE Showit landing page template to capture emails for your waitlist!  

Arya Raine Website Template

Hey, ! 

Need an easy-to-customize Showit website template for your business? Check out Arya Raine! 

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